Join me for a magical journey to a vibration of ABUNDANCE.

What does abundance mean to you? To feel abundant in love, wellness, fulfilling relationships and prosperity with a healthy sense of self worth.

Work on your mindset, positivity and getting more in alignment with the energy of abundance.

My last journey 11 days of Gratitude and the 11 days of Self Love were magical and I have the same vision for this lovely group.

Beginning on 11 September, I will be launching an online private FB group where we will immerse into a deep practice of self love.

Aligning with a higher vibration and cultivating a deeper sense of inner peace and happiness.

The group will include:

* Daily tasks and guidance

* Guided meditation

* Group support and discussion

* Mini workshops giving you tools to begin and continue to bring a real attitude of abundance into your life.

The investment for this workshop is just £11 for 11 days. Members of the Silver Daisies Soul Gym can sign up to this course for no additional cost.

To join us:


T: 07889069545