I have always been what you would call a morning person. I prefer to do exercise in a morning, clean up in a morning, do anything that “needs” doing, first thing as I find it is the time of day I have most energy and motivation.
Night times are for snuggling down with fluffy socks and a good book. The morning is the time to be productive!

So it has never been out of the ordinary for me to be up and about at 5am, heading out for a run with the dog at 6 or heading to the 6.30am Spinning class at the gym, or if the weather permits, doing a little morning Meditation in the garden.

Wayne Dyer, who I have long been an admirer of, I believe gets up at 3am every morning and I had often considered giving this a go just because I can appreciate how peaceful and I suppose almost, magical it must feel at that time of day as the rest of the world sleeps.

I had been to bed a few times at 3am after a night drinking pink wine with the girlies or maybe got up early to jet off on a holiday but never, purposefully intended to rise at such a “crazy” hour.

But it was this Summer as I had been going about listening to one of Dr. Dyer’s audio books on my iPod and listening to his reasoning for his early morning rituals that really inspired me to give it a go.

According to WD as learned from Buddhist teachings, the time when our bodies and minds are most “spiritually awake” is between the hours of 3 and 6am and that we will all at some point, naturally wake up during these hours, but our ego, which were it to have its wicked way, would restrict our spiritual development, convinces us to go back to sleep. And thinking about it, I actually believe this could be completely true as I am consciously aware that I often wake up during these hours, although is this my inner self or is it my greedy cat, Tess, who likes to wake me up ridiculously early in her quest for Felix Senior!

So I went to bed that first night at a not unusual for me time of 11pm and rather than set an alarm, I set my alarm for the usual time of 5.25am and set the intention to naturally wake up between 3 and 4am.
I did wake up at 3am and *almost* made it out of my warm, cozy bed but what I presume was my ego/logical mind (and the cats who were very snugly and most affronted to be disturbed) convinced me to go back to sleep!
I awoke again at 3.55 feeling much more alert and this time, remembering what Dr. Dyer had recommended, I put both of my feet on the floor and immediately felt more awake and energized.

And that was that – I was up! Now what was I to do? Well the idea is that it is the perfect time of the day to go running or walking without fear, knowing that your spiritual self is totally safe and protected. But whilst I would often trot out at 6am there was still, in this instance just something “not quite right” about going for a run at this time. But I will get there!
So I came downstairs, fed the cats who had now had the idea that breakfast might be on the cards, and went out into the back garden.
I immediately felt good.
There really is something in the air, in the atmosphere at that time of day that has a distinctly spiritual, special feel to it.
It was light by then and a little chill in the air so I snuggled into my fluffy robe and went to curl up on the ‘arbour to settle into my morning Meditation.
I always enjoy Meditation outdoors but this morning it felt very different… I was able to get focused on my breath within a couple of minutes and I had a real sense of awareness developing within me as I focused. I felt separate from my ego and more in tune with my inner self/higher self, whatever you want to call it.
It felt good. Really, really good and I knew I was setting myself up for a good day somehow!

I focused on my breath and quieted my mind right down then set my intentions for the way I wanted the day to pan out!

I then went inside and wrote in my gratitude journal and noticed afterwards that many of the things I had listed to be thankful for were spiritual, non-materialistic things.
I then made a batch of asparagus soups and juices and replied to my backlog of emails and preparing my client sessions for today.
By 7am I was ready to go for a run and set off over the fields at the back of my house to run with the rabbits that are out in force by that time of day, and feel the wind in my face. The Cure blasting now in my headphones and even before I started to run, my happy endorphins were running riot!

By 8.30am I felt so productive and even allowed my ego to make a little smug appearance at what I’d achieved already that day, as I sipped my tea!

So by 4.30 in the afternoon, I was on a little break in between clients, had had some lovely clients and couldn’t believe how much I had been able to fit into the day…

Ok, though I will concede, by this time, my eyes *were* a little stingy, nothing too drastic, but I did feel a little weary, but I reasoned this may be because, apparently, whilst we are spiritually awake and aware between 3-6am, we are supposedly, best designed to sleep between 3-6pm. My last client of the day wasn’t until 6.30 so I figured by then, perhaps I would have a new lease of energy for the evening.
However, despite feeling a little tired, I also felt very content, I suppose feeling quite “fulfilled,” nothing was worrying me and I just felt complete clarity of mind.

Sure enough as the evening progressed, had a great Hypnotherapy session with my last client of the day, who is also now a great friend, so she stayed later and by the time she left it was after 8pm. I was feeling fine and also hungry, so made a nice dinner and settled down to respond to some client calls and messages and then to read my book with the TV in the background.

At that time there had been on or two personal issues that had been playing on my mind…that day I felt they were of no real importance and my mind felt really clear, still and focused.

If this is what getting up an hour or two earlier can offer then I was pretty much sold.

I made a “sleepy head” smoothie and took it up to bed around 10.30 but it was 11pm before I started my night time Meditations and must have drifted off to sleep whilst doing them…….my last memory of the evening was of how beautiful and pinky golden the sky was that night – I always sleep with the curtains open… I say so I can see the moon and stars!

I felt good and determined to try again tomorrow so once again I set the alarm for 5.25 and set my intentions to wake up naturally, between 3 and 4am… I guess half expecting that my body would decide “no way lady” and leave me in dream land way past my alarm….it didn’t and 6 months on I am still enjoying frequent 4am starts. I admit it’s not always as easy during the winter months but for certain sure, I have the best, most fulfilling days ever when they start early! x