After deciding last year that a retreat in January to rebalance the mind and cast away negativity that we didn’t want to take with us into the next year was a great idea, I decided I had to find somewhere a little bit special for a slightly different than usual, Silver Daisy retreat.

As usual the Universe brought me exactly what I was looking for in the form of Noddfa in Penmaen-mawr; North Wales.

Meaning “refuge” in Welsh, Noddfa is a huge house set in beautiful grounds just nestled back from Conwy beach and is run by a group of nuns who are some of the most special ladies I have ever met!

I have been lucky enough to spend the weekend with 7 amazing ladies and I think I am safe in saying that the retreat has achieved exactly what I set out to achieve with it and some more; as I think I speak for all of us in saying that we have returned home a little lighter, energised and re-balanced.

Three of us travelled down in our car and as we drove through the little chocolate box village to get to Noddfa, the weather had made it misty and it was like a magical curtain we had to go through to get to this lovely place of peace and healing!

As most of my clients know, over the last few years I am proud to have built up a real network of people, healers and clients and some of my group had already met on past retreats, workshops and events and some were total strangers, most being brave enough to come alone.

We each had our own room, basic but comfortable and warm with beautiful views of the Welsh mountains.

On the Friday night we enjoyed a wonderful home cooked meal from Sister Patricia and Amie and we all agreed that despite the food being simple, it just seemed as though as we were eating it that we were being nurtured and nourished already. Then we had the huge lounge all to ourselves apart from Diamond and Dash the Noddfa cats and we spent the evening relaxing with a glass of wine, getting to know each other and talking about the intentions of the retreat.

On Saturday morning a few of us drove down to the beach where we collected pebbles to be used later in the workshop and then into the lovely village where we bought gorgeous home-made cakes to take back and share with the group before we started work.

We held the Saturday workshop in the Reading Room which has about a million comfy chairs in, huge scatter cushions and views out into the gardens and the sea. We lit some candles and put blankets over our knees and curled up for our work for the day.

Using the pebbles we had gathered on the beach earlier, we each picked a stone we felt drawn to that was to represent what we would like to surrender and release. Everyone had a different story from grief to fear to problems at work. No problem was made less important – we all had something we had had enough of fighting so we were going to use this day to try and change our perceptions and leave those negative emotions behind.

Lots of Meditation, healing, sharing and laughing was done in that room and it was probably the most intimate, emotional workshop or class I have ever taught.

At the end of the day we took our pebbles back down to the beach and cast them into the waves to symbolise our willingness to change how we view our worries.

What was almost magical was how the weather seemed to work with us that day. As we started the winds were wild; everywhere. When we talked about and wrote down our fears and our anger we encountered a thunder-storm and when we were ready to release them back to the Universe the sun came out and shone for us making it dry and clear to head back to the beach!!

Having unburdened ourselves of those worries we felt very deserving of a glass of wine or a boozy coffee at the beautiful “Fairy Glen” pub and we went and got cosy in the arm chairs there for an hour as we were full of smiles from such an amazing day.

Another beautiful meal from the Nuns that evening followed by much laughter and chattering in the lounge with wine and cheeses and biscuits and even a bit of music thanks to Lisa’s iPad!

On Sunday morning, everyone seemed to be simply SPARKLING with a new-found energy and clarity. We visited the chapel where Lisa, our Minister led us in some thought-provoking insights into the weekend we had spent and I swear you could really feel the love in that room after having shared such a special retreat! 😀

After hugs from the Nuns and promises we would return we set off home and I am already planning our Summer retreat there I simply can’t wait to go back.

Once again I am left feeling amazed, grateful beyond words that I am lucky enough to call this my job and to meet such inspiring, beautiful people day after day.

Amy x