I am a few hours back from our latest positive energy retreat in the Yorkshire Dales. I am utterly exhausted … it’s been a busy year so far and my body is tired. But I am feeling uplifted and blessed to have shared the MOST amazing three days with 9 other inspirational women who were all completely different but had one thing in mind…their desire to live life to the fullest potential possible for them.

We arrived at our beautiful little cottage in Holmfirth on Friday afternoon. As usual, Faye who owns the properties I use had everything perfectly arranged for us. The cottage was gleaming, wine was laid out on the table for us, our evening meal booked at the lovely Italian restaurant for Saturday evening and the hot tub was bubbling away in the pretty garden. We arrived, most of us as ten strangers but by the time we had finished our evening meal and everyone had introduced themselves and their reasons for being there we felt close already and we just knew the weekend was going to be memorable but most of all life changing.

On Saturday we started early with our Law of Attraction workshop. I think everyone was surprised at how much they felt able to share with the group and a lot of tears were shed as people set about releasing in some cases, years of pent up negative emotion. The energy and the love in the house was unbelievable and I got as much from teaching the workshop as I know everyone got from learning.

In some of my training courses I have been advised on occasion  not to become too personally involved with my clients or to share too much of myself but I have always struggled to be authentic in doing that and I find for me, it is important to be honest with people about my own life and obstacles I have had to overcome. I have never claimed to be enlightened or to have learned everything there is to know but rather prefer to say, this is my journey, join me on it and I will show you what I have found to work amazingly well if you wish to change your life in any way.

Sometimes it’s easier and more comfortable to stay in a state of contented misery, to feel as though it’s ok if certain areas of your life are painful. It isn’t. And you can change them if you are willing and even more easily when you feel surrounded with support and have someone you have never met or barely know tell you they are willing to believe in you.

A lot of what happened this weekend will stay in the walls of our lovely little cottage. Secrets shared, pain released and I think life time friendships forged. And for me a complete knowing that however tired I might feel, however I sometimes wonder if what I can offer is of as much value to people as I want it to be that this is absolutely without doubt what I should be doing with my life. Truly thankful for another successful, amazing retreat and if you think you might like to join us in September, be quick because spaces are already limited and I can’t wait to head back over the dales to make some more magic.

Amy x