crystal healing merseyside and CheshireCrystals are gentle but effective healing tools which can be used to boost your natural healing ability and assist you in feeling happy and peaceful in your life. They are a gift from our planet.

Crystals are FILLED with energy and are also a channel of energy, which is why crystals are used in, for example, watches, radios and medical devices. Crystals can assist you in spiritual development, aid meditation, help to keep you grounded with clarity of mind as well as having many healing properties.

Crystals are believed to be record keepers and store houses, of memories and knowledge about the earth’s history.

Historians and archeologists have traced the use of crystals and crystal healing rituals back to the earliest civilizations. Crystals magnify personal and planetary vibrational energy.

Crystalline energy is an amazing tool when strengthening and repairing areas of imbalance or disease in the body and mind.

Silver Daisies offer crystal therapy in addition to standard Reiki healings to get optimum benefits from the sessions and include a “crystal prescription” for clients wishing to receive ongoing benefits from these natural healing stones.

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