Saturday 3 August 11am – 3pm @ Peasley Cross URC St. Helens WA9

I am very excited to host this event with the real life walking earth angel that is Rachael from Lunabelle Healing …

For those of you that attend my workshops / retreats or have had coaching sessions with me you will have no doubt heard me speak about “A Course In Miracles.” The course is a spiritual study text of brain training designed to help towards feeling more peaceful and enable us to tap into our inner guidance system in order to live a happier, less stressed life. I have been studying the principles of the course over the last 5 years and it’s truly changed my mindset for the better.

This workshop is designed to introduce you to the major principles of the course and how applying some of the lessons suggested in the text can help you to feel freedom from some of life’s stress and strains. We will also be discussing how to find peace and serenity in the art of surrenderance… or to put it less spiritually, being able to say “f**k it” and release the need for control.

The cost of the evening will be £40 and will include lunch.

Come and join us and exchange a few hours of your time to give yourself the gift of peace of mind.

Saturday 3 August 11am – 3pm

Peasley Cross URC Beaufort Street St. Helens WA9 3BE.

A £10 deposit will be required to reserve a space .

There will be a follow on to this workshop: “Miracle Immersion” on Saturday 7 September. A 15% discount is available if you would like to book both courses.

You can book via Facebook or email me

Tel: 07889069545