And “after.” Simply stunning! The right mind set and hard work…results!

Hypnotic gastric band client Faye’s “before picture. Beautiful. But unhappy at the time with her weight.

My therapy sessions are not a magic wand, but a powerful tool to assist you in switching your mind set to think differently about food but more importantly, about yourself. Confidence, a greater sense of self worth and compassion are the key aims of our work together.. it is so much easier to make changes from a space of positivity … in essence, you can not hate yourself happy!





“The ‘big genes’ run in the family, I’m meant to be big….was always my trail of thought. On the face of things I was always outgoing, confident, but on the inside I was the total opposite. I lacked confidence, I hated the way I looked, dreaded summer days…..dreaded getting dressed everyday. I became a Mum and realised there were health issues involved in carrying weight, and I had a little person who needed me around more. I’d tried fad diets, fad exercise routines, fad slimming gimmicks…but nothing worked. Then Amy was recommended through a Friend who had already had a Hypno Gastric Band fitted and had lost a hell of a lot of weight…..was this another gimmick for me? another fad? One way to find out……I was terrified meeting Amy at first! I just didn’t know what to expect, would I end up clucking like a chicken or giving her my pin number?! I needn’t had worried. Amy is one of the lovliest, relaxing, most positive people I have met. She listened as I told her my struggles over the years with weight and what my aim was. She didn’t laugh, didn’t judge or mock. She explained everything thoroughly and explained that although she’s a personal trainer for the mind she’s not a miracle worker and the end result was down to me and me alone. If I want this I will succeed. That’s the other thing about Amy, she’s a great life coach…..after my visits to her not only was I loosing weight and gaining confidence, I was seeing life more positively and applied skills she’d taught me to get myself a new job!….1 year down the line I’ve lost 4 stone and have an entire New wardrobe!…I still see Amy occasionally as 1) I miss her and 2) I love being hypnotized…the feeling of calm and relaxation is heaven! I couldn’t recommend Amy enough….she also helped my mum, who’s been a smoker for over 30 years quit after just one session! I’m half a stone off my target weight and so far have not clucked like a chicken!” Faye , Gastric Band Client

“I have been visiting Amy for therapy since October, 2016. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Going into this alternative route knowing very little about how Amy works and what she does I am overwhelmed with how great the whole process has left me feeling. Amy is very approachable and establishes very early into the process what help you need and the best way to approach it. Personally I went to Amy for help with weight loss using her gastric band hypnotherapy method. I have struggled endlessly with weight management and tried every diet known to man… I am now not on a diet, I am being conscientious of what I am eating and portion size and am thrilled that I have already shed 25 pounds (even lost weight over the Christmas period!) I cannot explain how Amy does it..but to those apprehensive of hypnotherapy/alternative therapies can I assure you that you don’t have to look into her eyes or watch the pendulum of a clock etc. I would recommend this service to anybody, yes its different but I am proof that it works. Thank you Amy xxx” Pauline Burke , Gastric Band Client

Truly amazing what the subconscious mind can achieve. I lost three and a half stone and 3 dress sizes in 3 months with Amy’s gastric band therapy. This also gave me a new found confidence and made me feel proud of myself. I now but the clothes that I like, not the only ones that fit. Don’t hesitate to let Amy teach you how to relax and change the way you view life. There is a whole new world of happiness just waiting for you.” Lainey Wilson , Gastric Band  Client

£250.00 for all sessions of therapy, support and guidance. A £50.00 non refundable  deposit is payable on booking (free consultation highly recommended before committing to the sessions) and the balance @ session one.

The subconscious mind is more responsive to change when it is in a more relaxed state and therefore a powerful tool in achieving your weight loss goals.

In addition to standard Hypnotherapy sessions I also offer the hypnotic gastric band procedure is an extremely effective course of therapy that works towards permanently changing unhealthy habits and behaviours and results in a healthy achievable weight loss that is long lasting.

The surgical gastric band involves invasive, expensive medical procedures with only around a 70% success rate. The hypnotic procedure has an 80% success rate; this is because people who have a problem with weight do not have a problem with their metabolism, they have a problem within their subconscious mind and the surgical procedure simply does not address those issues.

I believe one of the biggest factors in successful therapy is the client/therapist relationship which is why I work hard to offer ongoing support and guidance to all of my clients going through the therapy and am committed to working together to get the results required.

The band is carried out over four in-depth sessions. Initially, weight loss is not the primary goal, but to work on changing habits and removing any emotional barriers to weight loss. The “band” is fitted on the third session after which clients are given a two week diet plan as the body “adjusts” to the band and the subsequent restricted appetite.

I have had some amazing results with clients over the last few years: for example, many clients who started the process this time last year, are now at goal weight with some massive losses of up to seven stone!

What is most noticeable as I work with clients undergoing this therapy, aside from the weight loss, is the difference in confidence, self-awareness and also the ability to cope more readily with stressful situations that arise, as hypnosis/relaxation in its very essence helps the mind and body stay balanced and focused and very often client’s note an improvement in their outlook and attitude in addition to losing the pounds.

Also available:-

Comprehensive Weightloss/Lifestyle changes programme

3 sessions: £175.00 with a non-refundable deposit of £50.00 In-depth consultation for goal setting, highlighting areas of concern and developing a tailored treatment package which may incorporate a variety of the following hypnotic tools:-

* Exercise motivation * Appetite reduction * Self hypnosis exercises and techniques * Negative emotion release * Curb emotional eating * Lose weight as you sleep * Change unwanted habits

Full guidance and support throughout both of these in-depth processes.

Currently taking bookings for April/May as am fully booked for March 2015.

The hypnotic gastric band procedure is £250.00 for four sessions of therapy and ongoing support.

Free of charge consultation to discuss suitability recommended; please call 07889 069545 or email to book.


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