Approaching the end of the year, getting ready to go back to work after my Christmas break and I am feeling reflective.

Next weekend I am co-hosting a workshop entitled “shed the sh*t” with the amazing Lisa from Strong4Life. Lisa’s part will be all about ridding the body of toxins whilst I will be talking about ridding the mind of them! Those that know us will take the title of the workshop as a reflection of our down to earth, realistic approach to spiritual living.

The festive season changed for me a few years ago when my situation and my life changed dramatically and I was facing Christmas for the first time as a single woman and thinking about setting up Silver Daisies basically, from nothing and with nothing. Suddenly excess spending wasn’t an option and I began to think of this time as a time for reflection and appreciation. To let go of past hurts and get ready to begin a new year.

2014 has been a massive year for me and one of extreme highs and also lows. I have watched my business take on a new life; it’s grown beyond my wildest dreams, made some fantastic new connections and been presented with so many opportunities I could barely of dreamed of when I began a few years ago and I am approaching 2015 with Silver Daisies on the brink of the most unbelievable possibilities.

Personally, it has been a pretty difficult year and for me in some respects and this is the sh*t I would like to shed as I go into the new year.

I have let go of possibly the most significant relationship I have ever had. That was difficult and it has taken time to heal and be free of that emotionally.

There have been times this year when my own “light” has felt as though it had gone out. When I have questioned everything about myself and my ability even to do my job and help to empower others to see their own magnificence!!

Bizarrely, it has been in those times when I actually with hindsight can see how somehow I was at my best. Telling people every day how they need to work on their mind set, need to learn how to forgive, let go of the past and take responsibility to heal themselves forces me into listening to it again. And again. And again!

I always believe we are drawn to things that we need to see, to hear or to learn at the time and I read a piece by Marianne Williamson recently which said that having faith doesn’t mean you don’t have to work on yourself. But that you can be absolutely certain that doing the work will pay off.

Because being peaceful, being strong, having that faith isn’t always easy. In fact I have found it to be the hardest thing of all. You KNOW that if you do enough press ups, enough squats, run enough miles that eventually your body will change. But doing this work on your mind; affirmations, meditation, thinking positively…it’s all new…how do you KNOW it will help? Wouldn’t it be easier to stay in pain, hidden under your blanket in tears or opening another bottle of wine?

Well of course it’s easier but you will never find your happiness under that blanket!

There have been plenty of things that have happened in 2014 that have tried to shake my faith that I have in doing that work but I have refused to accept it. I have seen some of the most amazing people who have come through my door as clients change their lives in massive ways and make shifts towards the changes they want and they have inspired me to continue and to grow and evolve.

I know that we only get to shed our sh*t when we become truly willing to let it go and take responsibility for our own lives and our own happiness.

I will be spending the last part of the year releasing all of the sh*t that doesn’t serve me, being thankful for how abundant my life is … living my purpose, being surrounded by the most amazing, inspiring clients and having the world’s greatest friends. And welcoming my new horse into my life on New Years Eve, VERY aptly named “Secret.” If you haven’t already… read “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne … that’s where it all began for me… starting to realise that thoughts really do become things.

All of these things I have manifested into my life and I know that the things that are “lacking” can be manifested too and the only reason they aren’t here yet is because there is something stopping them arriving … in my MIND! And because a part of me still *believes* that they are lacking!!

I always strive to be 100% authentic in my life and within all the roles I have in it and I will be looking forward to 2015, facing some fears, working really hard (especially on my mind set) and setting visions and goals and focusing on them.

Remembering especially now to think about what I do have which is so much and also being filled with gratitude for every single one of you that have worked with me this year. Thank you Thank You Thank you! And a very happy new year from me!

Amy xxx