This workshop has been organised in conjunction with Sophie at Evolve Fitness; Warrington; Saturday 29 November 2014: 12 – 3pm

The primary aim of the workshop is to look at ways of switching the mind set towards more positive, motivational thinking in order to be mentally equipped to be driven towards achieving goals; whether your aim is to become mentally stronger, emotionally stronger or physically stronger. Ultimately it all starts with the right mind set. The workshop will centre around the principles of the law of attraction, positivity and learning to love and value yourself and you will learn and carry out exercises designed to begin the shift in mind set needed to take you wherever you currently feel unable to reach.

To book a space on this workshop contact myself or Sophie. (Limited numbers)

The cost of the workshop will be £40.00 with a £10.00 deposit required to secure your booking.

Venue: Evolve Fitness Studio; Warrington

Tel: 07889069545