For those in pursuit of happiness and feeling as though they are struggling to find it, it is necessary to remember that there is a difference between happiness and pleasure.

True happiness comes from our subconscious/higher selves and our connection to source or “God” whatever you want to call it.

What is true happiness has no opposite and no end. Just as love has no real opposite, other than hatred which can only be found in the ego; it cannot be found in the past nor in the future,, because “love” is a state of “being,” of being of one with the moment and truly connected to what and who you really are.

The “pleasures” that are found in the ego are short lived, momentary highs which add colour and emotion to our lives but if we strive solely for pleasure other than happiness then we will always be left lacking as we attach our happiness to be dependent on these ego driven pleasures.

Pleasure is a wonderful emotion; thinking of things that might give us those pleasures in the moment – which will fade with the moment; such as driving a fast car, riding a roller coaster, a new relationship, new clothes, sex, food etc.

There will come a point in a pleasure experience where that newness has gone. The excitement fades and the level of pleasure you derive from that experience has faded as you have grown accustomed.

Someone who takes pleasure in food for example, ultimately that pleasure turns to misery when their bodies become unhealthy and unbalanced from over indulgence. People who pursue meaningless relationships for the instant gratification of sex are left feeling empty and unfulfilled as their relationships have no meaning or substance. New clothes are left hanging in cupboards as the excitement of buying something new fades and becomes mundane.

This is the way things are in the world of the ego, which is why if you continue to pursue happiness from external sources, it will always ultimately, elude you.

In my journey of discovery over the last few years, I have come to realise that is important to recognise that my happiness is never dependant on anything that can be found outside of my own self and that my own happiness is my own responsibility and never dependant on another person.

Of course there are disappointments in life, people let you down or disappoint you occasionally but whenever situations arise where you feel wronged or hurt by another person or circumstance, it is then we need to remember that it is our own selves that is in control of how we view that situation and that it is neither a positive or negative situation until our ego allows us to attach an emotion to it.

Happiness is not an ego-mind experience – it is the outcome of feeling that connection to our inner selves when we allow the mind to be still and to be free…which is why we Meditate, because to experience that state of being between consciousness and unconsciousness where we allow nothing to pollute our state of mind, is freeing and healthy for our bodies, minds and souls.

Pleasure is a wonderful thing… I found my pleasure this morning up on the top of a hill after galloping up there on Jason the pony, feeling free and exhilarated – a wonderful temporary high that I am grateful is a part of my life. I find pleasure in a new pair of shoes, a beautiful view, new flowers and lots of other things but I strive to recognise that without them, I still have the potential to be truly happy simply by choosing to be and by not allowing the ending of pleasure to equate to an ending of happiness.

Stand outside in the morning air for two minutes, breathing in the new day and thinking nothing other than “I am here.”  Then release your breath and visualise sending out into the air, an expectation of happiness. Your mind is really a simple thing; it believes what you tell it over and over; and what you impress on your mind over and over starts to become your experience of conscious living; so start to tell your mind how happy you are…simply because you ARE. In time, the attachment to the ego starts to lessen and life just becomes easier…happier!

I am not perfect at this yet by any means but I am striving to be better; my conscious mind and my ego still like to come to the party now and then, have a little tantrum about the removal of this pleasure or that, but having the tools and ability to recognise how to calm that down is the equivalent of having Super Nanny on hand to quell the outburst of an unruly child!!

Have a happy day : ) x