Our beliefs and our focus in life can become our reality. This is the basis of what I have been teaching in my workshops and explaining to my clients since I began on my journey with Silver Daisies. I say this both from my learnings and my past experiences.

When we experience and then continuously focus on the negative aspects of our lives this is what continuously shows up for us.

Recently I have attempted to extend my learning and began the “course in miracles” last year. The course is a spiritual text and describes itself as the foundation for inner peace…who wouldn’t fancy a bit of that?!

The main principle of this text is that a miracle occurs when we are able to shift our perception not only from the negative to the positive but from a state of fear to a state of love. My interpretation being that rather than ignore the negative aspects of our experiences that we choose or at least offer a willingness to see them differently and in doing so in time, they will appear differently to us.

To some extent this book has shaken a lot of what I had come to think of as my core “beliefs” personally; but as I am the first to tell you “a belief is nothing more than a thought you keep thinking” and it would be arrogant of me to assume that I had the art of enlightened living down to a tee.

So let’s take an example of a relationship. We experience the ending of a relationship which was, in our perception, to all intents and purposes, a bit of a disaster. Perhaps there was infidelity, distrust, abuse of some sort even.

The untrained mind would continue to focus on the negative aspects of that relationship, relive them, talk about them to anyone that would listen and therefore potentially get a duplicate relationship with someone else further down the line.

The trained, manifestor’s mind would take all of the elements of that relationship, be thankful for now having clarity of what they would like to experience in the future through the contrast of their previously negative experiences and focus on that. Visualise and imagine the kind of relationship they would want in the future and go on in time to experience just that.

The miracle mind would forgive the person responsible for causing them this pain. And offer their intention to see things differently. This doesn’t mean that they should be friends with this person, go to dinner with this person or sleep with this person but know that in forgiving them they set themselves free truly of the negative emotions and impact that person had on their lives.

The course says we will never be free until we realise that we ourselves, hold the chains that bind us. The chains being the fear in our minds that often keeps us a prisoner of our own circumstance so in this instance perhaps unable to move on and love someone so much, a false belief that they are “better off alone” etc.

I am still a massive advocate of manifesting for yourself an amazing life and taking control of your outer experience by first gaining control of what you experience on the inside through meditation, affirmations, looking after yourself body, mind and spirit but for me this has taken the process to another level and when I have began to implement some of these ideas in my workshops and mentoring sessions I have seen some amazing results.

Personally I am rather in awe of what has happened in my life since I began the daily meditations and practices of ACIM in my own life.

Rather than manifesting each and every detail of what I would have show up I have relaxed a little and began to put my faith in the Universe to bring me what will bring be peace. So rather than asking how it can serve me I have been asking how I can BE of service.

Tony Robbins says that one of our basic human needs is contribution. I like to believe I am contributing in some way by making it my aim to help empower people to lead happier lives whether through coaching, meditation, hypnotherapy or even coming to my house for a cup of tea or glass of wine! In return I have seen my own happiness increase ten fold and no longer feel the need to seek happiness in external sources; ie from the ego.

Since planting the seeds that ACIM teaches I have witnessed many “miracles.” This is in my personal relationships, my professional life and even in my attitudes to my hobbies and interests. I would have told you 12 months ago that I was the happiest I had ever been and I wouldn’t have been lying to you but this is something on another level for me.

And when I look at my life nothing has MASSIVELY changed except for one thing..my perception!

Let’s say two people have just £5 left until they are paid the following week… person A is angry, resentful, upset that he finds himself in this situation, he hates his job anyway and is underpaid, his neighbour has a new car and has just returned from holiday and so on and so on and so on.

Person B says THANK GOD! I have this £5… I can buy the things I absolutely need and thank goodness I will get paid next week, I am so blessed to have a job and be gaining the experience I need to further my career. Perhaps next year I can go on an amazing holiday like my neighbour has just returned from. He said he had an amazing time…

Wayne Dyer says that loving people live in a loving world whilst hostile people live in a hostile world and that the funny thing is, it’s the same world! Get it?

One thing about opening up to a willingness to be more miracle minded is that because you are kind of agreeing to relinquish a little control you are less likely to miss a miracle.

In her book Enchanted Love, Marianne Williamson tells a kind of fairy story of a man who is looking for love but remaining fearful. One day a spaceship lands in his garden and in that spaceship is a woman who would give him all the love he could ever need. The spaceship isn’t hanging around – it is only here for a short time and his fear tells him “this woman has too many freckles,” “this woman is too much like my previous partner..” and he misses the chance because he was only looking for what he considered to be perfect but in fact his fear had given him a false perception of what is perfect anyhow. I didn’t want to be the person who missed a spaceship and so I decided to always be willing to see things differently.

Another of our basic human needs according to the wonderful Mr Robbins is growth… I feel that personally this has been the next stage in my own growth process and continues daily. ACIM says sometimes we have to be prepared to walk through our darkness to truly enter our light. No one says it’s going to be easy but I am ready for the journey! Bring it on 🙂

Amy x