Immerse into Miracles Saturday 7 September 11am – 3pm

Peasley Cross URC St Helens

Based around the principles and teachings of A Course in Miracles , this workshop has been designed for anyone wishing to immerse more deeply into a life on a higher frequency.

To cultivate a deeper sense of inner peace by working on a mindset of:

*Spiritual surrender
*Letting go of attachments to fear and negativity

I will be co hosting this beautiful workshop with Rachael from Lunabelle Healing as a follow on to our “find your safety in surrender” workshop.
Attending both workshops will give you a 15% discount.

Energy exchange for the workshop is £40 (a £10 deposit is required to secure a space on the course)

Saturday 7 September 11am – 3pm lunch and refreshments are provided.

Book via Facebook or contact me via


T 07889069545