Thought it was time to utilize the blog feature on my website and start detailing some information which will hopefully be of value to some of you…

I am the owner of a young but old in its imagining, little holistic therapy business which goes by the name of Silver Daisies. I am a clinical hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Meditation teacher and advocate of the Law of Attraction.

I came to Reiki and the power of harnessing energy to heal the mind, body and spirit, some 11 years ago when my good friend’s Dad was undergoing treatment for terminal cancer and began using Reiki as a complement to his conventional medical treatment. His description of this healing energy and the peace of mind it had brought to him, led me to desperately want to experience a treatment for myself.

Throughout the next few years I embarked upon my own Reiki journey.

It was when I began learning about the benefits of Reiki and holistic healing for animals as well as people that my passion  was really ignited and I decided that somehow, I had to follow a dream of making this what I did. Far more than that, I would now go so far as to claim that my job is not just “what I do,” it is indeed, who I am. My life now is so far removed from what it was even just a few years ago that I can barely believe it myself at times.

I find it difficult at times to express in words the passion I have for the power we hold within our own minds, what the energy, that is all around us and in all things, can do when harnessed and balanced in the right way but needless to say, I love my job and endeavor to offer a quality, personal service to all clients and students.

Hope you will enjoy the blog!

Amy x