The next Law of Attraction workshop will be Saturday 3rd September 2022 11am – 3pm

This workshop offers an introduction to the Law of Attraction; how to work with it to promote more positive thinking attitudes, overcome difficulties/negativity and teaches how you can bring about more positivity and harmony into your world and exercises designed to turn around negative situations and relationships; hopefully leaving you feeling happier and rebalanced and much more focused on achieving your  positive goals.

How quickly can I change my energy to a higher, more positive vibration?

“A big benefit you will notice right away is that things you have been wanting will begin showing up. Now why is this? Because you are learning how to ALLOW these things into your experience instead of resisting them. “Well what if I have been negative for 50 years? Is it going to take me 50 years to turn it around?”

“No. Fifteen minutes ought to do it!” Abraham/Hicks

£45.00 including refreshments £15.00 deposit required to secure place; limited numbers

Venue Peasley Cross URC Beaufort Street St. Helens WA9 3BE