This last year I have been working more and more with clients who are looking for something “more.” Sometimes they aren’t sure what that something is or how to find it and that is where life coaching can be an amazing investment.

I often liken mentoring to having a personal trainer…often we know what we should do or have an idea how to identify the problems or blocks that are holding us back but feel somehow stuck…lacking in motivation or encouragement to move forwards, face fears and honour ourselves with the self love and self care that we deserve.

I believe I offer a unique style of coaching…I come from a spiritual, law of attraction angle with the emphasis on self love. I provide my clients with “homework” and exercises designed to cultivate massive shifts in perception, in energy and ultimately in their lives.

Coaching isn’t always an easy process…often there are old pent up negative emotions that haven’t been dealt with or processed and part of the journey can often be in uncovering these emotions and working through them. I can’t do this for you but I will do it WITH you, offering support and mentoring all along the way.

I believe if you want your life to change a little then you can do a little work and make some significant shifts.

But if you want your life to change a LOT…then guess what…sometimes that takes a lot of work and commitment just like it would take to change your body with an intensive fitness programme. But just like with physical exercise; the results of these processes can be amazing…totally life changing. And with commitment to your new way of thinking, permanent.

The details of my coaching programmes can be found here:

I offer one to one sessions and also coaching via Skype and email and recommend a (free of charge) consultation before hand to discuss suitability and if I am the right coach/mentor for you.

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