Happy New Year everyone!

Time again to ring in the new – hope you all had a restful and happy time over the festive season.

I am not one for going in for the “New Year Resolutions” as such as I like to think I try all year to be the best I can be, do good for myself and others but it is I admit the perfect time to clear out old, stagnant energy, blow away any cobwebs of the year gone by and look ahead to the future, set goals and targets and think about what you want to achieve for yourself in the year ahead.

 For me, this year I am aiming to look more into the foods I eat, where they come from and whether organic produce can increase my health and wellbeing in the way it claims to. I am also going to attempt to make a massive effort to eat more ethically sourced produce, seasonal fruits and veg and am starting by signing up for an organic veg box delivery every week and plan to make healthy, nutritious new meals with what I get each week! 

I also want to be more organised…a true hippy I can be terrible with paperwork and all the “boring” aspects of my job – I have to accept that it can’t all be Meditation and Reiki and serenity…sometimes I actually have to file things away, have something I believe is called a data base and get myself into a more organised state of being..so these are my new year promises to myself…

The diet industry is booming at this time of year, people promise to rid themselves of toxins, spend at least 10 hours a week in the gym, not eat chocolate or drink wine and to banish cake from their lives forever!
These perhaps unrealistic goals are bound for failure much of the time; expecting to go from barely running for the bus to running ten miles every morning before breakfast (!!) which is why the 16th January is considered the most depressing day of the year…. Pay day is still looming, diets have failed and the cold miserable whether has us all searching for a bit of inner sunshine.

My approach to weight loss and healthy eating, making the changes is a little different. Hypnosis, whether for basic weight loss, the more in-depth weight loss package or the hypnotic gastric band procedure for a more dramatic weight loss with clients of 2 stone plus to lose, is more about setting realistic, achievable goals, where you achieve goals in a healthy, achievable way, not about depriving yourself of anything but about changing your attitude to food and exercising and aiming to make the weight loss and changes a permanent part of life and your way of being….becoming more mindful of what you eat and how. 

Hypnotherapy for weight loss, exercise motivation

Hypnotic Gastric Band Therapy

 £250.00 for four sessions of Hypnosis and therapy with a non-refundable deposit of £50.00 to secure the booking

 Weight loss is not permanent when you restrict foods from your body without considering the actual causes of over-eating.
If a person falls into the category of “over-eaters” then the problem lies not with the metabolic rate, but more than likely, in the sub-conscious mind.
It is only through making changes in this part of the mind that you can create lasting changes to your lifestyle and eating habits – changes that become automatic and are in no way painful or feel restrictive.

With the hypnotherapy sessions, we work on not just the weight loss, but the causes of the weight gain and poor eating habits, which helps pave the way for permanent changes rather than a “quick fix” such as a fad diet.

The hypnotic gastric band procedure is an extremely effective course of therapy that works towards permanently changing unhealthy habits and behaviours and results in a healthy achievable weight loss that is long lasting.

The surgical gastric band involves invasive, expensive medical procedures with only around a 70% success rate. The hypnotic procedure has an 80% success rate; this is because people who have a problem with weight do not have a problem with their metabolism, they have a problem within their subconscious mind and the surgical procedure simply does not address those issues.

I believe one of the biggest factors in successful therapy is the client/therapist relationship which is why I work hard to offer ongoing support and guidance to all of my clients going through the therapy and am committed to working together to get the results required.

The band is carried out over four in-depth sessions. Initially, weight loss is not the primary goal, but to work on changing habits and removing any emotional barriers to weight loss. The “band” is fitted on the third session after which clients are given a two week diet plan as the body “adjusts” to the band and the subsequent restricted appetite.

What is most noticeable as I work with clients undergoing this therapy, aside from the weight loss, is the difference in confidence, self-awareness and also the ability to cope more readily with stressful situations that arise, as hypnosis/relaxation in its very essence helps the mind and body stay balanced and focused and very often client’s note an improvement in their outlook and attitude in addition to losing the pounds. I take a real pride in becoming involved and supportive of my clients on their journey to their desired weight and offer what I feel is a first rate service where I make a commitment to work with you and get you to where you want to be… the treatment isn’t a “magic wand” but I passionately believe if you are focused and dedicated and feel happy working with your therapist that you will get to your goal and make the changes you desire.

Comprehensive Weight Loss Package

 3 sessions: £175.00 with a non-refundable deposit of £50.00

This package is ideal for clients with less than 2 stone to lose but looking for a kick start to their healthy eating/lifestyle regime.
In-depth consultation for goal setting, highlighting areas of concern and developing a tailored treatment package which may incorporate a variety of the following hypnotic tools:-

* Exercise motivation
* Appetite reduction
* Self-hypnosis exercises and techniques
* Negative emotion release
* Curb emotional eating
* Lose weight as you sleep
* Change unwanted habits

Standard Hypnosis for Weight loss

 £50.00 for consultation and treatment

The perfect kick start to a New Year healthy plan

Please feel free to get in touch for an informal chat to discuss any of the above therapies or to book a free of charge consultation.

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Happy, healthy New Year everyone xxx