Coach yourself happy

Coach yourself happy online study programme for building self confidence, positivity and happiness.

This is my “training programme” that I have lovingly spent time developing to show you how you can begin to “re-train” your mind set into a more focused, positive and self confident state.

The detailed programme will contain exercises to work your mental muscles into a happier, healthier place.

When you have purchased the course you will be sent your first module either by post or email depending on your preference.

Your subsequent modules (4 in total) will be posted or emailed to you fortightly to give you time to get to grips with the exercises and to begin to feel the benefits.

This is “brain bootcamp” and I PROMISE you that you will be able to achieve an amazing mindset shift and learn techniques that will assist you life long.

When should I purchase the programme?

The programme is great for anyone wishing to work on any of the following…

  • Lack of confidence / self worth
  • Struggling to move on or release the past
  • Wanting help to attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t want
  • Too much negative self talk
  • Finding it hard to switch off or relax
  • Struggling to stay positive or focused

Things to do before you start your programme….

Invest in some new journals for your course work.

Be prepared to commit to the work as a change in mind set will not happen magically without any input from you.

Be EXCITED! If you will apply these tools they will bring about a serious shift in mindset which will result in a healthier happy you all round.

If you wish you can add on an initial Skype / Email consultation to make the programme more bespoke and I can guide you on how best to tailor the exercises to help you achieve your current goals. Or a follow up session to get feedback and advice for moving forwards.

Online study programme: £69.00

To include Skype/email consultation or follow up £99.00

Please email me at if you are having trouble signing up for this course or for further information.

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