Reiki For Horses Merseyside and CheshireWhat are the benefits of Reiki for horses?

Because Reiki is healing energy, it will never harm you or your horse: if your horse has emotional problems such as past abuse, neglect, or a riding accident, Reiki can help to release and heal those emotions.

For behavioural issues such as nervousness, Reiki can reduce stress and anxiety.

If your horse is sick or injured, Reiki works as a fantastic complement to veterinary treatment and can help heal the animal more quickly.

If your horse is dying or is bereaved at the loss of a companion, Reiki can help to bring peace and comfort to your horse and relax them and ease fear.

Reiki is fantastic for increasing energy and wellbeing in people and animals alike.

Other benefits:~

Encourages suppleness and flexibility
Improves flow in walk/trot/canter/gallop
Helps to calm prior to unusual situations such as travel
Develops confidence
Settles new broodmares
Helps prior to, during and after the loss of a companion

Reactions you can expect during a treatment:~

*The lips, particularly the lower, becoming relaxed and loose.
*The eyes softening and relaxings.
*Lines and wrinkles soften out.
*The head drooping with eyes half open or completely closed.
*The tendency to lean.
*Breathing settling into a steady rhythm.

The use of Bach flower remedies, crystals and EFT* are often incorporated into the treatment where necessary or if required.

* EFT – Emotional freedom technique – manipulates the body’s energy field by tapping on accupuncture points. EFT can add immeasurably to traditional treatment and is particularly helpful for chronic problems such as laminitis, gastric ulcers, degenerative joint disease and long-term lameness. EFT can help calm anxiety in horses.

Prices for Horse Reiki
Initial, full consultation, analysis and treatment: £45.00
Subsequent treatments: £35.00

Horse Reiki in St HelensDiscounts for block bookings and clinics held at stables/yards. I’m based in St Helens but I’m happy to visit livery yards and stables in Merseyside and Cheshire to give a brief talk/demonstration on the benefits of the treatments I offer.

Horse and rider package: for confidence building: includes one Reiki healing session for your horse to calm nervousness, increase flexibility and increase bond between horse and owner plus one combined Reiki and hypnotherapy session for rider: relaxes, regains confidence; excellent for riders whose nerves have been affected following a fall or accident and perfect to ease pre-competition nerves for both horse and rider: £70.00

* I am willing to travel anywhere in the North West, I charge 30p per mile for areas further than 20 miles from St Helens

Sport sessions

Reiki is used to accelerate the horse’s natural healing process, it can be used to energise the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, stimulate endorphins and increase muscle tone to give optimum energy for speed, stamina and agility. Reiki can be used as part of a training and injury prevention programme by loosening and warming the muscles prior to competition. It can be used to form part of the cooling down and recovery process by reducing soreness and stiffness in the muscles.

Reiki healing increases energy, reduces stress and improves flow of movement.

Blocks of sessions can be booked prior to a show or big event to really get your horse at his best both mentally and physically, improving circulation, flow of movement and energy levels.

Discounts are offered for block bookings of sports sessions.

“People are starting to return to a depth of inner knowledge and awareness that our ancestors had and that lies dormant in each of us. It is a dimension that modern man has sacrificed along the way to a material and egotistical evolution. However, it is truly never too late for our spiritual self to emerge from deep within us, and this is where the healing begins. We only have to listen”…Margrit Coates, Animal Healer

If you are interested in learning how to train in Animal Reiki or Reiki for Horses then see my Animal Reiki training page.

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