No is the answer! Although Reiki is excellent for wannabe hippies, holistic therapists and those with a spiritual side, Reiki is for everyone and can benefit so many people, complementing traditional health care, increasing energy and focus and promoting self awareness. Reiki may not be tangible, but what *is* tangible are the results of the therapy….

Reiki is the Japanese ancient art of healing and uses energy, which is all around us and in all things to heal and to balance the mind and the emotions.

The aim of Reiki is to allow the healing energy to flow through your body which then chooses what to do with the healing…. it is the subconscious, or higher self which decides how much of the energy will be taken or used. For example, a client may come for treatment of arthritis or a painful joint but may hold back the information that they have recently gone through a painful breakup, are grieving or even having a particularly stressful time at home. In this instance, the subconscious may well choose to direct the healing to the heart and the emotions and whilst the client may still have the pain in their leg following their first treatment, they may well find that in the coming days and weeks they are able to deal more readily with stress or emotional upheaval, finding themselves feeling more centred and balanced. More at peace, internally.

One of the great benefits of learning Reiki is self-healing, very few other therapies offer this benefit. Reiki level one will allow you to practice self healing and offer Reiki treatments for your family at friends.

Second degree Reiki will take you to practitioner level and also step up the range of energy you are able to “tap into” a  gear.

And at Reiki/Master teacher level, this beautiful healing art really has become a part of your entire being!

Benefits of Reiki healing:

  • Adapts to the needs of the recipient
  • Promotes clearer meditation
  • Fosters natural self healing
  • Relaxes and reduces stress
  • Relieves pain and discomfort
  • Balances energy within the body

Reiki treatments and self healing provide an opportunity to restore balance, reduce stress and reconnect with an experience of wellness and renewed energy.

Reiki training and workshops in St Helens, Merseyside and Cheshire:

First degree Reiki: £120.00

Second degree Reiki: £130.00

Reiki Master/Teacher: £150.00