Absolutely perfect to rebalance and refocus in the New Year. Special price of £40 for this treatment if purchased before the end of 2017. (Voucher will be valid for 12 months.) I only have 20 of these available….

Contact me directly to book amy@silverdaisychain.co.uk Tel:07889069545

If you are feeling the need to destress, rebalance and get focused you might consider indulging in a beautiful Silver Daisies bespoke healing.

A totally in-depth session which looks at all aspects of your life style and current state of mind, it will include a tailored guided Meditation which is clinically proven to lower blood pressure, calm the mind, increase focus, energy levels and relax the whole body to a degree that you would struggle to achieve even with the deepest sleep!

A large element of the therapy is ritual and intent…. Chakras are cleansed and balanced and after a full reiki healing session you are given a crystal essence infused water to drink that has been infused with sound from a Tibetan singing bowl to cleanse and purify mind and body. Throughout the treatment you are wrapped in a lavender scented heated blanket, “Angel’s breath” incense is burned and the sounds of the tuning forks are softly played; designed to send your  energetic vibration into total relaxation.

When energy becomes stagnant or dense in these areas, it can cause a blockage of energy which may then manifest as physical illness or emotional imbalance.

Crystals are powerful channels of energy and each stone is chosen for its specific healing qualities in relation to each chakra point. Gorgeous music is played, scented candles burned as you lie back on fluffy towels on the treatment couch, scented with relaxing lavender oil, you will then enjoy a full body Reiki healing whilst you relax to a degree you probably didn’t think was possible!

Such a deep healing can often bring about an emotional reaction afterwards such as tears or a very temporary up-step of negative emotion and whilst this sounds unpleasant it is actually a very positive sign of a deep healing therapy as blockages are removed and released from the body and the mind.

Flower essences and crystals are “prescribed” for continued use if necessary and in the days and weeks that follow you can expect to feel more balanced, positive, focused and energised.

Bespoke Holistic Healing Package

Holistic pampering, tailored specifically for you.

Bespoke healing includes:

  • Guided Meditation for ultimate relaxation
  • Reiki Healing Treatment
  • Chakra balancing
  • Crystal Healing
  • Flower Remedies and Crystal prescription; recommending remedies and oils beneficial to your emotional/physical state of being

This is a beautiful relaxing and uplifting treatment to give a little pampering to the body, mind and soul and promote balance and wellbeing.

Bespoke Healing: £55.00


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