So honoured to have secured a date with the magical Ish for him to come and present his Sufi workshop to a Silver Daisy gathering.
This is not to be missed I only have 10 spaces available for this wonderful few hours spent exploring the Sufi world with Ish.

Whirling Workshop by Irshad Mohammed
• History of whirling and background
A short introduction into the Sufi mystical masters and their method and ideology of spirituality
• Short talk on Sufiism
A talk by Irshad Mohammed on the background on Sufism and its practices
• Introduction to meditation
A brief talk, explanation on vibrational vocal practice on the frequency of Sufi chanting
• Group practice and understanding on movement and positions of whirling and what they mean
A traditional practice into the physical movement of whirling and the meaning of the motions of whirling
• Individual reading on peoples posture and stands and how it can affect their life
Irshad Mohammed will give a reading on individuals stances and position
• Group circle – demonstration on whirling
Everyone takes part in a practical session on the movements of whirling
• Group whirling and music
Everyone takes part in a practical session of whirling with music
• Silent meditation
Group meditation
• Group talk and questions
Discussion on the workshop and answer any question

Saturday 21 September 2019

Venue: St. Helens location tbc
1 – 5pm

Investment: £49 includes light lunch.

£15 non refundable deposit required on booking to secure a space.

To book:
T: 07889069545