We came back on Sunday evening from our Summer Solstice retreat to beautiful Noddfa, in North Wales. With sixteen of us, this was the biggest retreat I have led to date and it was pretty magical.

Everything about the weekend I felt was perfect… the energy of the group, the beautiful cottage in the grounds of Noddfa centre we were allocated with its own stunning garden, the by the sea location and even the weather as the sun shone brightly for us all weekend.

Solstice is a time when the sun is at its most powerful and it can heal, enlighten and also burn so I wanted to make the aim of this weekend about taking strength…from each other, from the sun, from within ourselves and moving forwards, facing fear, forgetting weakness and releasing what we no longer need to hold onto…what no longer serves us or brings us peace.

We arrived in fits and starts on the Friday evening and after a lovely home cooked meal prepared by the Sisters who run the centre (and are BEAUTIFUL people) we sat in the garden of our cottage and started to connect and get to know each other.

Saturday was our workshop day…I had asked the Universe for a beautiful day as I desperately wanted to conduct the workshop outside as it was Solstice and my wish was granted and we were able to lay our blankets on the lawn of the healing garden and made a circle in which to work. I worried slightly beforehand if the energy would be as perfect with so many of us but we had a wonderful workshop which was healing and intimate. I allocated everyone into pairs and we used our partners to help lift us up, help us let go, forgive and surrender all of our negative emotions.

We partook in some traditional Solstice rituals such as making daisy chains, burning incense and connecting in a circle of energy and light. When we had finished and enjoyed a group meditation under the sun we headed down to the beach… here we filled balloons with any remaining negative energy and as we released them, many of us ran into the waves to symbolise the water cleansing and renewing.

Yes…it was a pretty hippyish weekend and I loved every moment! After the beach we headed to the super cute Fairy Glenn pub for a glass of wine or a boozy coffee and I realised as I always do on my retreats, that even when we are not officially within a workshop, the work continues as people share, open up and trust each other.

Another wonderful evening in the cottage garden…. We each of us spent a minute or two saying what we were grateful for…we did what is called a rampage of appreciation which lifts the energy and also helps us all to realise that no matter where we are, we all have so so much to be thankful and appreciative of.

Some of us managed to stay up chatting and giggling until gone 1am.

On the Sunday morning before we headed home we regrouped our little circle to reflect on the weekend. To think about what we might like to face when we get home and talked about how we all felt less fear or negativity about doing so.

Yet again an amazing weekend…one thing some of my previous attendees of Noddfa noticed about each other, was how much they had lifted since we last visited in January and they confirmed how much stronger they felt and how much more POSITIVE life now seemed.

I am so thankful not just to have the opportunity to do this for a living but to somehow manage to fill these weekends with the MOST amazing people I could ever dream of!

We return to Noddfa Summer 2020 June 19-21st Friday to Sunday 

£229.00 inc accomadation, full board and workshops. £50.00 non refundable deposit required to secure a space with the balance due 10 weeks before.

To book contact me on 07889069545 or email amy@silverdaisychain.co.uk


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