Are you ready to switch onto REAL self love? πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

I’m so excited to offer this first of a kind online training which you can join in with in real time or catch up at your own pace; no pressure, just beautiful baby steps to healing.
I’m offering effectively, hundreds of pounds of coaching and the opportunity to embark on this journey with like minded propel in a safe, online space.

I have limited numbers for this intake of training which will commence in July.
Early bird sign up before June 15th will be just Β£69.

For many people the idea of self love might conjure up images of happy hippies or outdated self help books.
But actually, real, authentic self love is the key to managing depression, anxiety, low self esteem and self worth.
It can remove blocks to achieving goals and our true potential in life.
And it can also help us move beyond trauma and deep seated emotional wounds to walk forward with a lighter heart and mind.

This 6 week coaching programme will include a weekly online training sessions, what’s app support group and weekly lessons and worksheets to take you deep into a sense of self love.
There will also be breath work and meditation programme to support our journey.

We will work through;

πŸ’• cultivating a daily practice to open up to self love

πŸ’• switching onto healing / inner child work

πŸ’• eradicating limiting beliefs

πŸ’• uncovering core values and how to live in alignment with them

πŸ’• establishing healthy boundaries

πŸ’• surrender and release, invoking your higher self/ higher power to live a life aligned with self love.

To book:

Direct message


T: 07889069545


For those of you that know me, you’ll have an idea what to expect. For those that don’t, welcome! I’m so absolutely passionate about what I do.

I have over ten years experience as a successful hypnotherapist, life coach and holistic therapies teacher.
I believe that I have a unique and modern approach to therapy with self love and confidence building at the helm of what I teach.
I also run regular workshops and retreats centred around the healing of the mind.
I am also a survivor of suicide bereavement and have used the techniques I teach to help assist me in moving forward from severe trauma and loss.