I have been enjoying the 100 days of happy projects that some of my friends have been sharing on Facebook of late. I am assuming it stems from the book the Happiness Project.

Over the last few years I have been embarking on my own happiness project and have come to realize that happiness is really a choice that we make. In the same way that we can choose to be healthy or unhealthy, value where we are or resent where we are, every single second of every single day we are choosing between happiness and unhappiness. Between fear and love.

And happiness is a gift; it’s not something that eludes some people and blesses a few it is a gift that we give ourselves because we decide that feeling happy feels better than feeling sad and when we begin to live consciously, working on cultivating our own happiness becomes as much a part of our routine as brushing our teeth, cleaning our face.

It’s often easier to go “un-concsious” to believe that life is a hand that is dealt to us in which we have no say. That fate will deal us a hand and we must accept it, good and bad.

I really believe with all of my heart that this is not so. That in any moment we can choose to see something in a different way. We can choose peace over anger, we can choose love over fear and in time, like when we train our bodies to be fit and healthy, we can train our minds to seek out the positives in any circumstance because they are always there.

One of the exercises I have my coaching clients work on when they are struggling with feeling happy, is to make a list, as exhaustive as possible, of all of the things that make them feel happy, from a little smile to full on excitement and to promise themselves that they will commit to doing at least one thing from the list each day. In the way that we devote time to cleaning our bodies we should devote time to cleaning our minds with things that bring us peace.

I realized I had never actually made such a list so I set about doing it right away….

My happy list

Saying “I love you”

Spending time with my friends

New pyjamas

A long bubble bath

Smelly candles

Horse riding

Pampering my little panda pony friend

Cuddling my cats

Listening to my favourite music


Having pretty nails

Buying myself flowers


Cooking nice foods

Reading a good book

Walking in nature

Sitting in my garden

Watching Sex and The City reruns on tv

Visiting my parents

Arranging days/nights out with people I love

Writing in my gratitude journal

A roaring fire

New lip gloss

A great meditation

The feeling after a work out

A yoga class



Making new friends

Making someone smile

A nice glass of wine


Singing in my car

Cuddles and hugs

Getting a massage

Reminiscing about fun times


Living in the moment

Burying my face in a horse’s mane

Giving compliments

Looking at the stars

A new dress

Reading my magazine when it comes out each month

Cheese and biscuits

Eating out

Putting my feet in water

Being by the sea

Collecting sea shells



Making daisy chains

Giving myself a facial

Watching the birds

The sound of running water

The full moon


The smell of baby powder

Listening to a positivity webcast

Feeling valued

Freshly washed bedding

New socks


Learning something new


Chatting to my neighbor over the fence

Christmas time

The seasons changing

A beautiful picture

A lovely accent

Good manners

Sharing good news

I will probably add to this list and am happy to say that I pretty much do or appreciate at least one thing from my list every single day.

Happiness IS  a project and it doesn’t always come easy, but working on cultivating a happy outlook, I can say with conviction makes life more bearable whatever circumstance you find yourself in. I can’t say I spend every moment of every day in ecstasy, but I sure do appreciate those moments that I do and feel as I notice them and cultivate them, that the number OF them grows and grows and when you give out a little happiness it can not fail to come back to you and top up your happy quota that little bit more 🙂

Like anything in life…you get back what you put in and what you want for yourself you should give freely to others…so work on your own happiness and then share it!