Affirmations I believe are one of the most powerful and life changing tools we have access to. With all of my coaching clients, without exception, I encourage the use of affirmations to change limiting, negative beliefs and behavioural patterns.

However it’s the one thing I really struggle to get them to comply to!! I often wonder why as they are SO simple…perhaps that’s why people refuse to believe how well they can work! Or perhaps people are subconsciously stuck to their old beliefs; clinging on to them like some old comfort blanket. I know this has been true for me at times…the “drama” becomes so much a part of us that we almost become friends with it. But it’s a very damaging relationship to have, with this kind of “friend.”

Affirmations have changed my life. This is a bold statement but I know if you did no other work on yourself at all, but picked a positive affirmation to use daily that it would have a massive impact on your life. We use affirmations all the time without realising it. When you say to yourself or other people for example:

“I will never achieve my goal weight.”

“I will never find a fulfilling relationship.”

“I will never be financially secure.”

You are AFFIRMING these things to yourself, to other people, to the Universe and it becomes your reality. Without exception.

The idea is that you first recognise what you currently believe about yourself or your world that is not serving you and you decide what you WANT to believe and to see instead.

So the above affirmations would become something like:

“Every day I get closer and closer to achieving my ideal weight.”

“I am open to receiving love.”

“My income is always increasing.”

And you say them. To yourself. Out loud. Write them down. Sing them to yourself in the shower! REFUSE to accept that the old belief is still true for you. And then give it a little time and watch the miracle unfold. What have you got to lose??

A few weeks ago I received some news that completely floored me. I was angry, hurt, resentful and pretty much felt as though I had been sent straight to hell!

And that was where I stayed for a day or two, living the drama of my “story.”

And then I remembered that I didn’t HAVE to feel like this. That no one at all was responsible for my emotional state other than myself.

So I thought; well what do I *want* to feel?

I wanted to forgive, so that I didn’t feel tied to this story and I wanted to be free.

So that was what I built my affirmation around.

When I first started working with it; I really didn’t feel it at all. As I repeated it internally, my ego mind would goad me…telling me I had every right to be angry and that I was a fool to want to let this go. But I persisted because I knew that feeling this way was not serving me at all.

I did that affirmation every single chance I had for two whole weeks. Standing in line at Starbucks, spinning on my bike at my gym class, ironing or brushing my teeth.

I can’t tell you the exact day that it became true for me…nothing happened externally, but internally I have my miracle.

When I wrote in my journal yesterday and looked back at what I was writing just two weeks previously I could barely believe it was the same person! I didn’t feel angry or resentful anymore.. I didn’t really feel anything…just free of the drama and that was beautiful. I had successfully detached from the story and therefore the pain.

Give it a go…pick one belief that you hold about yourself that does not serve you and flip it and make an affirmation that you WANT to be true. And repeat it for a minimum for 5 minutes twice a day. And see how you feel in two weeks.

I promise you that emotionally you will be nowhere near where you are now!

Amy x


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