Animal Healing in Merseyside and CheshireThe healing is based on the free flow of energy and is a safe, non-evasive form of holistic healing for people and animals.~it works on every level, not just the physical and helps repair the body’s regenerative, self healing abilities. Animal Reiki healing can boost the immune system, accelerate the healing of physical and emotional problems, decrease nervousness and strengthen the bond between animal/human relationships.

The treatments complement traditional veterinary treatments and other complementary therapies, making them more effective. All people and animals can benefit from healing treatments as it can increase energy, reduce stress and create balance, however, treatments can be of particular benefit to animals who have experienced emotional upheaval, past neglect or mistreatment, nervousness or ongoing problems with injury or illness. As well as Reiki for companion animals and Reiki for horses, I offer what I believe to be a quality service, whereby we can work together to look at all aspects of your animal’s lifestyle including past experience, diet, behaviour and work together to achieve optimum health for your beloved pet or in cases of chronic or terminal illness, utilise the healing skills alongside natural remedies to make your animal as comfortable and as stress free as possible.

If we, as people, are stressed, upset, or have been hurt, we are able to tell other people about our pain and deal with it appropriately. For an animal, who doesn’t have this luxury, he or she may behave in an aggressive manner for example, or become withdrawn and nervous. It may try to express its discomfort through misbehaviour but this is simply our animal’s way of trying to alert us to the fact that all is not well.
A lots of animals respond to the therapy from the first treatment, as to them it feels as though they are being “listened to.”

The only thing you need to benefit from a Reiki treatment is an open mind…where an animal can not have this pre-meditated bias, they are so open to the healing and therefore, we often see results more quickly and effectively. Click the highlighted links to read more about  Animal Reiki in the North West and Reiki for Horses in the North West


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