Reiki St Helens, Merseyside.

Healing hands - ReikiReiki is a completely natural procedure that does not interfere with medical procedures and practice. It assists the body in its own highest levels of healing and wellness.

A Reiki healing treatment involves the positioning of the practitioner’s hands on the client’s body, using a firm yet gentle touch to achieve the following benefits:

  • Works on causes of illness
  • Increases energy
  • Develops positive attitude
  • Expands creativity
  • Enhances personal growth
  • Heals mind, body and spirit
  • Releases stress


Bespoke Reiki Healing Treatment

This is a full, personal spiritual/mental/emotional “MOT”: it includes the following: Full consultation,looking at all aspects of lifestyle. Guided meditation followed by Reiki session, Crystal healing and recommendations of flower remedies, essential oils, crystals for continued use….Perfect for feeling balanced, de-toxed, positive and relaxed.

Initial treatment will include full consultation, analysis and treatment:£70.00

Reiki with guided meditation prior to treatment:
As above but recommended for clients who find it difficult to relax into and take full benefit from a treatment…the guided meditation should relax you completely prior to the Reiki session: £37.50

Reiki with crystal healing:
Full consultation, analysis and selection of use of appropriate crystals within the treatment for ulitmate balancing of energy points (Chakras): £40.00

Reiki treatment with Angel card reading:
A balancing Reiki treatment, followed by an Angel card reading… I like to describe the Angel cards as “fluffy Tarot cards” in that with the Angel cards, there are no “darker” cards or messages, they are just positive, life affirming messages looking at our current situation and offering guidance to move forwards. Lovely to do a reading following a treatment and the “opening up” of energies: £40.00

Angel card reading: life affirming messages and guidance using these gentle, positive healing cards: £20.00

Mobile appointments are available for Reiki healing throughout Merseyside and Cheshire, also salon appointments for Reiki at the lovely Omni Therapy Rooms, St Helens and Uber Medi Spa, Stockton Heath.

If you’d like to learn Reiki or train to be a Reiki practitioner then see my Reiki Training page

I also offer Reiki for Animals in Merseyside and Cheshire and Reiki for Horses in Merseyside and Cheshire